The Scam Story

This scam was planned by Sanjay Chaudhary who is a UK based businessman. To his plan, he hired Adhish Verma and decided to start a company where they can rip off Indians. They never had an intention to pay Employees or refund customers.

Adhish Verma started the operations and started ripping off. This was the the modus Modus operandi.

1. Not paying Employee

2. Not Paying Rent

3. Not Paying to Magazine Printing Company

Not refunding clients event magazine was never printed. I am one of the victims, I was sold an advertising package with subscription. When I contacted Mr. Ashutosh, he kept ignoring my calls, eventually I was connected with Mr. Adhish Verma. When I persistently kept on asking, Mr. Adhish became abusive and he narrated the story behind this issue. I was told that Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary from UK is the mastermind behind this. He tool all money and fled to UK similar to Mehul Choksi, Modi and Vijay Malya. 

Message to Adhish: 

Dear Adhish Verma,

I had been waiting for last fourteen months in a hope that you will refund my money. I never reminded you during this time. I also agreed with your story as well despite that you always had been arrogant and abusive on calls. 

I understand you are also one of the victims like us but you never had been supportive. I have taken legal advice and if you decide to help us we will bring this scammer back to India and you will be able to recover your money too. 

We understand, you may not be have all money you owe to us, we need post dated cheques from you and we will stop our recovery operation. To let you know we are nine victims so far and counting. 

May we suggest you need not to spend time and energy to find people behind this site, you should start paying money back to people and we will bring this site down. Please note this campaign is costing us money time and efforts to us as well. We had sough legal advice and it is difficult to recover money via civil law suite, being outstation becomes more difficult. 

Help us

  1. Beware of these scammers
  2. Please share If you any information.
  3. If you are also victims, please join us.
  4. Share in your network, some one may know their whereabouts.